The Worst Tax Preparer Reviews

Client Review of

Linda S. McGuckin, AFSP

Vallejo, CA

Barcelona, Spain
September 13, 2021

About two years ago, the IRS notified me that my 2018 tax return, which Linda McGuckin had prepared while working at H&R Block, was done incorrectly and that I owed them money. With that year's return, I had paid for an H&R Block Peace of Mind agreement, which states: "If we make a mistake, we’ll reimburse you for up to $6,000 in additional taxes owed." I notified Linda, reminded her of the P.O.M. agreement, and she agreed to investigate the issue. Months later, after long delays and numerous emails asking her to act and inform me, she notified me that the IRS has disallowed a Foreign Earned Income Exclusion. She did not say why. She went no further with her explanation except to say, "This is an IRS problem." In other words: "My responsibility ends here." I continued to ask for more details and a solution but got none, so I then contacted someone higher up at the company for help. I received another year of stonewalling, so I contacted the IRS myself, who confirmed that my tax preparer, Linda McGuckin, made egregious errors on my 2018 tax return, which caused the IRS to disallow a Foreign Earned Income exclusion of over $6,000 and caused my tax bill to up as a result. THE IRS SAID THAT BLOCK WAS RESPONSIBLE, CITING LINDA'S SLOPPY WORK THAT DIRECTLY RESULTED IN MY FOREIGN EARNED INCOME EXCLUSION BEING DISALLOWED. The IRS went on to say that Linda's sloppy work included failing to fill in my wages on Line 1 of my 1040 form (which caused the IRS to ignore my 2555 form), along with other empty lines and other errors, such as submitting the wrong authorization form (the 8821 instead of the 2848). I have yet to receive any further response from Linda or Block.