The Worst Tax Preparer Reviews

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Kurt Meier, CPA

Saint Marys, OH

Lima, OH
March 31, 2021

I attempted to have my taxes done by Meier Consulting last month. When I submitted my return, I did fail to include 2 forms. Also when my return was completed, Meier Consulting also failed to include a 1099 form that I did submit with all of the initial forms. I tried reaching out to them via phone, voicemail, and email multiple times, and they are not good at all about getting back with you. About 2 weeks after submitting the 2 forms that I failed to include initially for them to file an amended return, I was finally advised that the return was now complete. Again the return was not completed correctly. I again reached out to them multiple times requesting a full refund, as at this point I was completely frustrated at the lack of communication on their part and the poor service I had received from them. At that point, they did agree to mail me a check for a full refund. After about 2 weeks, I emailed them again because I had not received the refund check. I was then lied to by Kurt Meier when he told me that the check had been mailed 2 weeks prior. About 5 days later, I received the refund check. At this point I had already filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau because of the lack of communication on their part. I did find it interesting though that the envelope containing the refund check I received was postmarked days before I received it. If he had actually mailed the check when he told me he did, the post marked date would have been about 2 weeks prior. Also, I am definitely not a proponent of mask wearing. But outside his business, there is a sign saying that masks are required inside the business. But as we walked up to enter his business pick up our tax return, Kurt greeted us at the door and said we could take off our masks, that he only has that sign out front to please "Daddy DeWine". Not a great look, if you ask me. So if its not clear enough already, I definitely do NOT recommend Kurt Meier or Meier consulting at all. I don't appreciate being lied to, and receiving poor service.
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Atikur Rahman, AFSP

Jackson Heights, NY

Raleigh, NC
March 26, 2021

Mr Atikur Rahman was my to-go tax accountant. Until 2020 when I filed my 2019 taxes. Then I had to change to someone but then again had even a worse experience. So I contacted Mr Atikur Rahman to file my 2019 taxes. So for covid restrictions I was told to send my w2s through email. And he asked me to send him his payment through the app Zelle (I have the receipt). Then tried calling him alotta times and I got a hold of him and I asked him that if he filed my taxes and if not I would like the refund , so I can go someplace else. Then Mr Atikur replied "if you want I'll refund twice the money back you gave me". Also he said " why you speak to elder like this?" I replied I wasn't being rude or neither I didn't say anything wrong I replied "I just want my taxes filed or money back please that's all I ask for". Atikur Rahmans response was very unprofessional and personal . After sending my w2s and the payment I tried contacting Mr Atikur again by phone and text several times. All he replied that was "be patient" "working" through text. (I have the texts as well). Then he Didn't gave me no updates what was going on or that he filed my taxes or not. Then he never bother contacting or refunding the service pay. And then after 10 days he replied with a screenshot how he wasn't able to file my taxes because it was already submitted by someone else. (I got that screenshot too) . Then after I even requested my money back through the Zelle app for service pay of 60$ I paid him through the app. But never responded back. I wouldn't recommend Mr Atikur to anyone.
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Brian I. Gilpin, CPA

Vacaville, CA

Vacaville, CA
March 24, 2021

(Racist) I would like to share my experience with Mr. Brian Gilpin. My wife gave him a call for some tax advice today 3/22 he answered the phone with a very cocky tone. She had to pass the phone over to me because she couldn’t deal with him. I noticed a huge change in his voice when he asked for her first and last name and she gave him her name which is a Hispanic last name. When I took over the phone call he asked me how long we have been in business for And said your wife mentioned you guys owe $30,000 in taxes from last year. He then asked me, “Why don’t you guys just pay it then?” And he said this in a very smart sarcastic tone. I said, “well we are in the process of arranging a payment plan with the IRS. And Brian said “ figures, you’re “KIND” are always behind on their taxes. It’s a shame that you cannot pay your taxes. I was shocked to hear what I was hearing? We are in 2021 and it’s sad to see we are still dealing with so much racism from so-called business professionals in our community that feel superior over other individuals with different skin color or nationality. I asked him, “excuse me?” And he still had the audacity to clarify himself by saying “I have lots of Hispanic Latino clientele and the majority of them on average are behind on their taxes. It’s a shame! I am not trying to be racist or anything but I’m just speaking facts” I honestly just needed to hang up the phone at that point. It was disgusting. My jaw dropped and my heart begin racing. I did not want to lose it on him. I figured I would just take the appropriate route by reporting him to all available resources, The BBB, NASBA, YELP, Google, Clutch.CO, whitepages, CPA etc For a business professional like this to be serving the public is beyond me. I do not understand how someone like this could even get licensed in the state of California. When you’re dealing with and serving the public you should not be making racist or prejudice remarks or opinions or viewpoints when dealing with clientele in the marketplace. It is extremely offensive and not right. I hope that anyone that comes across this review can come forward and open up to share their experiences with Brian as well because his license should be revoked as a practicing CPA in the state of California. I am very sure if he came off this way to us after a 30 second conversation over the phone. I can only imagine what else he must say to his existing clientele with who he deals with on a daily basis. Situations like these in our community should always be escalated and handled correctly by reporting it to the appropriate agencies. I am taking the roll in doing the right thing and reporting Brian to the state of California. Anyone else that would like to screenshot this and put this on their social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc is welcome to. I give full consent to share my review so that other people in our community here in the cities of Fairfield, Vacaville, Vallejo and Sacramento etc. do not render services from Brian I. Gilpin
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Ruth E. Keen

Saint Robert, MO

Dixon, MO
March 21, 2021

We were fairly new to the area and we looked for a local business to prepare our taxes as I like to support local businesses. Due to selling a house and other circumstances and time my husband wasn’t confident enough to prepare them himself. We were referred to Mrs. Keen through a colleague of my husbands who supposedly knew her and was very fond of her. I reached out to Mrs. Keen via e-mail and made an appointment that I had to change due to a corona scare and we had to quarantine. I was out of town for a while and came back to attend the appointment with my husband at Mrs. Keen. Upon arrival my husband had told me that his colleague and him went out to a local restaurant and he there made acquaintance with Mrs. Keen. During the dinner my husband said they made small talk like you do when you meet people for the first time. But after a while he said that Mrs. Keen had asked him some very personal and somewhat uncomfortable questions and normal ones like what he works and if he was married. She then started to get very close and touchy with him and tried to “hit” on him and my husband admitted to me that he liked the attention. She even had invited him to come to her house the next evening for dinner since she felt lonely like him and since her partner was not in the state. She also had gotten his phone number and had called my husband the same evening of them meeting in the Restaurant. I had checked the phone number she had used and to my surprise it was not the number listed on her Facebook page for her business. My husband (stupid him) went to the said dinner with Mrs. Keen and he explained to me he wished he would have never gone there. He apologized to me and asked for my forgiveness for what had happed at the evening and the following days with her. At the time my husband started conversing with her for a few days he had no clue that she was the tax preparer we were going to see. After he told me her name, I knew in an instant with whom he was with and I told him.