The Worst Tax Preparer Reviews

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Dustin M. McCandless

Kansas City, MO

Huachuca City, AZ
May 25, 2021

Where are my taxes, Dustin McCandless said he was working on them in my portal message on April 26, 2020. He also sent an email saying he was working on them on May 17, 2021. I sent all my documents on April 26, 2020, I can see them in the portal . What is going on? I used you last year with no problem. Then he sends me this explication after I sent an email to corporate. Dustin Mccandless Tuesday, May 25, 2021 12:29 PM Angela, When your return was submitted for a tax pro, it was under a tax service product called Tax Pro Go. This is a product that we no longer provide and for some IT reason it allowed you to start that product. The reason that no messages have been received by me, is that once the service came in, it would have turned to a not service status because we can not currently complete this return. In your account it should have the set up to continue your return which would then allow you to select either a Digital Drop Off service or go through our online system to complete an online return or Tax Pro Review return. Dustin I asked him why this was my fault and that my taxes are now late and asked him if he filed an extension and asked for his supervisor, he has not responded. Now due to his own admission my taxes are late and no person will call me back. This is negligent and you need to be warned he is very unprofessional saying the comunication I received was computer generated, how would I know that.
Client Review of

Antony Yan

Gaithersburg, MD

Rockville, MD
May 24, 2021

RIDICULOUS person! He is UNPROFESSIONAL, RUDE, IMPATIENT, and TERRIBLE!!!!! He doesn't know what he is doing!! and he is OVER-CHARGING!!! My family went to him for tax filing at the end of March, but until today at the end of May, we still haven't receive our refund from either IRS or state of MD - because he DIDN'T SUBMIT it!!!!!!!!! When we called him in early April to follow-up, he CLAIMED he submitted it when we were there in March, but when I use the IRS refund status website, it said there is NO RECORD of the taxpayer, so where did he file our taxes???!! Then we went to his door in Mid-April, he showed us the taxes were filed, ON THE DAY WE WENT TO HIS DOOR!! At the end of April, we still haven't receive our refund, so we called him again, and he said I don't want to talk to you anymore, YOU ARE WASTING MY TIME (I even had this conversation recorded)! What a attitude! Earlier in May, we called him again as we still haven't receive our refund and we could not find any records from the IRS or Comptroller of MD websites, which both of them are government-based websites, then he YELLED at us I don't know where you find your information, but I submitted your tax, so DON'T EVER CALL ME AGAIN!! Today is already the end of May, and we still haven't receive any confirmation or updates from either IRS or state of MD. If you want your greatest and speedy refund, NEVER EVER go to him!!!!!!!!!!! If you are a victim, we strongly suggest and recommend you to FILE COMPLAINT to state of MD and IRS on him!!!!!!!!! By the way, when we trying to file the complaint on him, we found that he IS NOT licensed CPA or tax preparer!!!! Side note, we would give him NO star if that's one of the option.