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Robyn L. Applegate-Boughton

Somonauk, IL

Somonauk, IL
April 18, 2022

Got lied to and hung up by Robyn. Rude and beyond unprofessional, and not so sure she's right in her head?! Then when I call back to inquire about getting my tax information, Robyn threatened to call the cops on me. Just give me my belongings and go on your way Robyn, no need to be dramatic and escalate things to this extent. I am literally having a police officer escort me to her office to get my things because she flipped her lid and repeatedly started hanging up on me. I would call back only because I wanted my personal information back. I couldn't even get a word in to ask about getting my information back. The 4th time I called, that's when robyn threatens to call the police. I should not have to call and ask where my stuff is when I have in writing it would take a week. To get hung up on? Like seriously Robyn, are you normal in your head? To leave someone hanging on their taxes for almost a month, then get upset with them because you dropped the ball on your own time limits you set and communicated with me? All I did was call today to inquire on the time line you gave me. Like seriously what is wrong with you? Please get a mental health evaluation before continuing to serve the public! Something seriously seems off with you! Also, I did not call Robyn back after she hung up on me for the 4th time and threatened to call the police. I called the police myself, who rather quickly went to her office and got all my personal information for me. They originally stated they would escort me to Robyn's office, but then called me back and stated they went and got my stuff for me. So maybe if you want drama, a few conversations with the police, to wait forever and to be lied to about your taxes, use Robyn Boughton! It's unfortunate I can't leave you negative stars Robyn, you are SO off your rocker!