The Worst Tax Preparer Reviews

Client Review of

Barbara McCrimmon, CPA

Las Vegas, NV

Cambridge, United Kingdom
September 15, 2020

We review this company based on truth circumstances and given evidence by others concerned about suspect financial abuse. We approached this person as an honest individual to help us during a difficult time being so far away from our Mother, this was to prove to be a bad judgement of error on our part. I used this person to help us with our Mom affairs until we could get to Las Vegas to help with her caring when she was admitted to an assisted living facility. The reasons we choose her was for her standing in the community as an accountant and accountant to our Mom for years prior. Her relationship with our Mom was not close friend but someone who would assist our Mom her accounts and never previously involved in her caring. Even though we gave her permissions whilst POA ‘s to our Mom to do certain things, we were informed of suspect predatory acts by people who had been previously very close to our Mom For more than thirty years. During investigating a fall at our Moms facility our mother assisted by facility to sign a HIPPA in evident confused state of 92 years of age to revoke our POA status, this made way for suspect financial abuse to occur. My Husband the guardian to his parents most of his life of more than 30 years, this guardianship removed the last Eleven months of our Moms life. We were informed by this accountant our Moms confusion was evident, yet, the last Eleven months of life this person was made a beneficiary to my husbands parent life estate, this person using an attorney she knew to assist our Mom to change her last will and testament, note, our Mother had been admitted to medical hospital due to ill health just prior to changing her will and family trust. She kept credit cards, jewlery at her offices belonging to our Mom without asking our prior permissions . She also took our Mom telephone away for months replacing it with another phone She did not how to use, essentially isolating her from contacting her Son international. This person in my opinion should not be trusted with any persons financial affairs and I doubt her honesty and legal duties, values and morals. She was charging our Mom an hourly rate of 200.00 dollars to help run errands but she called herself a friend! For public safety reasons, I informed the Las Vegas Board of Accountancy of these acts providing evidence of the written correspondence given to me by those who suspected financial abuse to an elder. I would NOT use this company for financial services.