The Worst Tax Preparer Reviews

Client Review of

Joey Graves

Upper Marlboro, MD

Suitland, MD
March 6, 2021

Service from, Joey Graves, terrible and VERY unprofessional. This man is almost impossible to get in contact with, even if you paid him already to do your taxes for you. He gets back in contact with you when he feels like it , if at all. So you would find yourself reaching out to him repeatedly, three times or more, until he decides he wants to respond. He doesn’t know how to communicate and if you bring his unprofessionalism to his attention, he becomes disrespectful. As someone who provides services, you shouldn’t be putting your clients or customers on the back burner, ESPECIALLY when dealing with their taxes, and especially when they have paid you. I’ve attempted to contact him four times or more , via text and call, never got a response. He tells family members to relay a message to me about an issue that concerns MY taxes , yet hasn’t reached out to me. As soon as I tell him how unprofessional he is , and that I want my the money reimbursed and that I will look else where, guess what he finally responds and says okay and claims I’m being disrespectful . Not exactly sure how , when I’m stating that his service, communication and his professionalism is terrible and unacceptable. For someone to be dealing with your PII, they should never be unavailable, & yes things happen but that’s why it’s necessary to communicate and let that person know something and not leave them in the dark until whenever you feel like it. I highly do NOT recommend.