The Worst Tax Preparer Reviews

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Todd Wedel, CPA

Oklahoma City, OK

Edmond, OK
September 10, 2020

I was under the impression they would file my taxes like the previous years. They filed an extension and when i called today to see why they haven’t contacted me to do this years taxes, heather’s response that answered the phone was that they don’t have time to do my taxes this year. She even told it it was my fault since I never responded to the letter they sent out to provide my tax info before September 1st. My address has been changed when they filed my taxes for last year, yet they didn’t bother updating my file for their office. No apologies, just a cynical woman telling me to hold on to check and then Peggy gets on the phone, with a more ignorant and narcissistic attitude, laughs at me at a point, she called me rude because i was asking them to check if they have my address updated in their system, she kept telling my they sent out letters and i should have responded. Finally she said for the fifth time that they are full, not accepting another client even though I WAS their client. They have miserably failed to respond to any of my emails during this past summer. Perhaps I am not a big account for them and they are now in the business of treating people small. These two ladies that have been chosen to represent this business, Heather and Peggy, that’s treated me perhaps “better” than they treat themselves, I feel sorry for, I hope they find some peace in the hearts. Being so rude to others is a reflection of their emotional state of being. And since I am an optimist and I also believe that every thing happens for a reason, 5 hours later, My files have been filed elsewhere and I am a happy camper. I won’t change the world by posting this negative review, every profession has unprofessional irresponsible employees, karma will find them, not me. The only reason I am posting this review is because I was raised to speak my truth, positive and negative reviews. I honor the worthy behaviors and I make sure to note the unworthy ones.