The Worst Tax Preparer Reviews

Client Review of

Tamika L. Frederick

Miami, FL

Fort Lauderdale, FL
December 11, 2020

Do Not Use this tax preparer, she commits fraudulent activity and blames her “supervisor”. A supervisor which is unreachable apparently. I’ve asked for her supervisor information several times, but to no avail. I called Tamika numerous times requesting a refund status check, and she would reply with “it’s still processing,” even after I confirmed with the IRS that my refund was already distributed. Also, no one answers the business number listed online nor does anyone seem to ever be at the “office location”(as I’ve went by multiple times and days). My refund was deposited into Civista Bank(Tax Paradise bank account), then placed on a Walmart gift card, which I did NOT authorize!! And it magically disappeared, with no explanation other than her “supervisor” is responsible. According to Tamika, she(her supervisor) has done this to several of her clients. However, I find it quite suspicious that I had to practically beg (requested more than 3x’s, on several different occasions) Tamika for my tax transcripts. When she finally sent it(days later)... it slightly differed the information she gave me verbally. Which prevented me from creating an account with the IRS online to view and keep track of my own refund status. To add even more suspicious activity, she was eager to advice me to file a “fraud claim” with the IRS( typical behave of a person that scams) as oppose to offering me a resolution from within the office. When technically it’s not considered fraud as I entrusted her with my tax return, and my identity was NOT stolen... only My Refund check.
Client Review of

Keri L. Morgan

Muskogee, OK

Mary Esther, FL
December 10, 2020

Keri Morgan and Carl Kelly are the worst scum of the earth sorry excuse for human being! Did our taxes with them in January, they are so ignorant and screwed up so badly the lady at IRS said she had never seen anything so pathetic in her 32 years of working with IRS. Not one sorry soul from Jackson Hewitt will even return our calls. The first return they prepared for us was around $1,000... after thinking about how that’s got to be incorrect, we went and had Jackson Hewitt do an amendment, we were actually factually supposed to get around $8,000... as a family of 7, 5 kids, we depend on this $$ for all year. It puts food on our table all year, brakes and tires on our vehicles, pays our emergency bills. Like when our 3 year old ended up in the hospital needing emergency surgery recently . We have relayed this information to everyone at Jackson Hewitt including sorry ass Carl kelly and shitty ass Keri Morgan. So if you want to be treated like insignificant dog shit. And have to wait a year for your taxes and get no response from any competent person , definitely go here. This place is a joke and judging from all the negative reviews these people will be looking for new jobs. There is no way the way they are doing people is legit. Read reviews people. Ask around. I know other people who are beyond pissed and disgusted with this shit show joke of a company. Run run run from this place. I’ve never in my life seen such horrible staff. You too Carl kelly. Shame on you alll. I pray one day you all end up in the situation you have put my family in. And probably everyone else whose taxes you have f***ked up. What a joke this place is!! They are the tax preparers for 2020 for sure. A shit year for a shit company. Merry Christmas you a holes. Think of my kids while yours are opening their Presents this year. They deserve no stars. Had to put one to leave comment ..