The Worst Tax Preparer Reviews

Client Review of

Ruth E. Keen

Saint Robert, MO

Dixon, MO
March 21, 2021

We were fairly new to the area and we looked for a local business to prepare our taxes as I like to support local businesses. Due to selling a house and other circumstances and time my husband wasn’t confident enough to prepare them himself. We were referred to Mrs. Keen through a colleague of my husbands who supposedly knew her and was very fond of her. I reached out to Mrs. Keen via e-mail and made an appointment that I had to change due to a corona scare and we had to quarantine. I was out of town for a while and came back to attend the appointment with my husband at Mrs. Keen. Upon arrival my husband had told me that his colleague and him went out to a local restaurant and he there made acquaintance with Mrs. Keen. During the dinner my husband said they made small talk like you do when you meet people for the first time. But after a while he said that Mrs. Keen had asked him some very personal and somewhat uncomfortable questions and normal ones like what he works and if he was married. She then started to get very close and touchy with him and tried to “hit” on him and my husband admitted to me that he liked the attention. She even had invited him to come to her house the next evening for dinner since she felt lonely like him and since her partner was not in the state. She also had gotten his phone number and had called my husband the same evening of them meeting in the Restaurant. I had checked the phone number she had used and to my surprise it was not the number listed on her Facebook page for her business. My husband (stupid him) went to the said dinner with Mrs. Keen and he explained to me he wished he would have never gone there. He apologized to me and asked for my forgiveness for what had happed at the evening and the following days with her. At the time my husband started conversing with her for a few days he had no clue that she was the tax preparer we were going to see. After he told me her name, I knew in an instant with whom he was with and I told him.
Client Review of

Sholonda Nobles

Lugoff, SC

Columbia, SC
March 12, 2021

The woman (Mrs. Nobles) that runs this place did a sub par job and then lied. They reviewed our previous tax returns and we answered an extensive questionnaire and they still did our taxes incorrectly. She came downstairs in a night gown and barefoot asking us to excuse her as she had not gotten any sleep in 3 days. She talked about not being able to work the remote, her son's home schooling, being in the hospital multiple times, almost dying, cheating death and her new home she was having built. I had to redirect her back to talking about our taxes. I never suspected she would be cheating us! We explained our confusion over finding an honest tax preparer and she promised she would take care of us! Months later, when we got a letter from the government stating we had not filed our taxes, she said she would take care of it, but sent us no proof. We were only calling to set an appointment to file taxes for this year when we noticed she began ignoring our emails, calls and text messages. We went by her office and it was shut down. I finally caught her off guard by calling her late on the weekend and she accidentally answered. She was very rudely screening the call and when I told her who I was she started yelling at me. She said we did not pay her for her work. I told her she got our situation completely wrong and would not allow me to speak even though I listened to her. When I suggested she had us mixed up with someone else, she denied it. So I told her she must be just lying then, she hung up ! DO NOT USE MRS. NOBLES, you will REGRET IT!
Client Review of

Isnel Sanon

Jersey City, NJ

Brooklyn, NY
March 10, 2021

I contacted Mr Isnel on 07/15/2020 for my 2019 taxes. Because it was almost the deadline to file I made sure he could do it in time and he assured me he could. He then asked me for all needed information, which I provided. I thought he submitted my return on 07/17/20, but he informed me that he filed for an extension, which is understandable, and it was approved. He assured me he would submit my return on 07/20/20, and this is when I received copies of the form I thought was sent to IRS. I then contacted IRS a few days later to work on payment arrangements. They could not see my 2019 return, but both the agent and myself assumed it was just too soon. I regularly checked my IRS account and never saw updated information for my 2019 taxes. I tried calling Mr Isnel who assured me everything was fine. Fast forward fo December 07/2020 I started getting really worried because it was just too long for my information to not be showing on my IRS account. I get into my account and it says the due date for my 2019 passed. I sent Mr. Isnel a screenshot and he said I must be in the wrong website, which is ridiculous. From that day until the beginning of February 2021 he has been assuring me that everything was fine and IRS had issues, which was true, so I trusted him. However I asked for a better proof that my taxes were submitted, and he told me it will send it to me, but never did. This is when I started to get really suspicious. On 02/23/2021 I logged into my IRS account once more, and surprise surprise my 2019 tax return is showing, but with 02/10/2021 as a receiving. I texted Mr. Isnel to get an explanation because I KNOW, from filing my taxes myself since 2011, that it does not take 8 MONTHS for IRS to reveive taxes return. I got a very condescending text in reply. All he needed to do was check when I was reaching out during all these months and recognize his mistakes. Because of this man's shady ways I am out of the $175 I paid him and IRS charged me a fee of $562.14 for failure to file my taxes. I should not be the one responsible for this charge and this man should not even be able to be in this profession. He was trying to take advantage of the fact that he thought I did not know anything about taxes. I cannot imagine how many people were fooled by Isnel. Do not trust him at all. His ways and responses are disgusting and I am reporting him to IRS.