The Worst Tax Preparer Reviews

Client Review of

Harald O. Rehm, CPA

Lancaster, NY

Tonawanda, NY
January 7, 2021

As my family has used Argus Tax Preparers for many years, I went to them starting in 2016. In 2017, Harald Rehm, Sr, failed to include my NYS Healthcare Marketplace form 8962 on my taxes. I received an IRS notice in April 2017, that I would lose my healthcare if this was not corrected in a timely manner. I immediately contacted Mr. Rehm on the phone and he told me to send him the letter from the IRS which I promptly did. When I applied for my NYS Healthcare Market Place insurance that December 2017, I was denied. I contacted Mr. Rehm and without a pause, he accused me of not giving him the form. I drove to his office and he told me he didn't send it because his fax machine was broken. I had to change health care plans from a silver plan to a bronze plan as I had no assistance because of the error. I continued you to use Argus Tax Services, but instead asked his son, Harald Rehm, Jr. CPA to do my taxes. He assured me that the extra money I spent for health insurance would be refunded by the IRS. However, I still had to use a bronze health insurance plan because of the error. He thanked me for continuing to use his service, and waived the fee for preparing my taxes. In March 2020, I dropped off my taxes at Argus. In the envelope were three SEALED envelopes--W-2, New York State Health Care statements and my interest income statement from my credit union. My completed tax forms were mailed to me and a wrote a check for $108 as a preparer fee. In May 2020 I had yet to receive a refund. I called Argus and they sent me the automated number for the IRS. After having been through this type of error by Argus before, I was concerned. I gave his staff member a message and asked Harald Rehm, Jr. to please return my call. Mr. Rehm NEVER returned my call. On October 29, 2020, I received an IRS letter stating that the amounts on my 8962 didn't match up. I contacted Argus. Because of the previous error, I had to change to a Fidelis bronze plan and NYS state included two 8962 forms. They were both sent in the same sealed Marketplace envelopes I provided Argus. When Harald Rehm, Jr. opened the tax forms to review them, he said, "Oh that must be the problem, there are two forms." He faxed the forms to the IRS on 11/2/20. I have spent at least ten hours on both the phone with the IRS and NYS Health Insurance Marketplace trying to rectify Mr. Rehm's errors. Due to COVID, the IRS is 60 days behind on processing. Therefore, I must pay the full cost of my health insurance as I had two years before due to his father's negligence. Two years later, I still have not received my tax return to reimburse me for that out- of -pocket expense. When I informed Harald Rehm Jr. on 1/7/21, that I would like my fee returned to help pay for my health insurance, he told me it was my fault (The same excuse his Dad gave me two years previously). He said "the document wasn't in the packet" despite saying the opposite in my presence on 11/2/20. As I have a tax professional prepare my taxes, I NEVER open my W-2, NYS Healthcare Market Place, or interest income forms. There is no reason to do so. In four visits to Argus Tax Services, they created errors twice that affected my eligibility for healthcare and on both times blamed me. Harold Rehm Jr. was upset that I told them they were incompetent, and told me on 1/7/21, NOT TO CONTACT THEIR OFFICE EVER AGAIN. Harald Rehm Jr. assured me that he would send a check for $108. I pay a tax professional so as not to encounter problems and it is especially disconcerting to have the preparer commit errors and blame the client, not once, but twice.
Client Review of

Gideon Ajewole, EA

Brooklyn, NY

Rahway, NJ
January 4, 2021

I highly recommend NOT to go to Gideon to take care of your tax return. I had two tough experiences with him when I trusted him to fill out my 2017 and 2018 tax returns. In 2017 he charged me $500 when he could save a couple of thousands of dollars for me from IRS. I was happy with his price until the last December in 2020 when I received a letter from IRS that shows everything he had deducted for me was wrong and he had a lot of mistakes. Now I have to return all that money I had saved to IRS as tax return, PLUS about $600 interest, only because of his mistakes. When I contacted him, even he doesn't want or know how to fix this problem, and he stopped responding my messages! Almost the same ?scenario in 2018. In 2018 I had to return about $3k to IRS. After he charged me for his service, he had put a wrong address in my tax return forms and because of his mistake again, I haven’t received any letter from IRS for a couple of months after my due date for the payment. When I contacted IRS with a lot of difficulty to figure out what the problem is , I found that Gideon put a wrong address in my file when he filled it out and because of his ridiculous mistakes I paid another penalty to IRS. He had just charged me for his full of mistakes services immediately and after that he has not been responsible at all. Beside lots of inconveniencies and stress my family and I had through the working with Gideon, I have been paying a lot of penalties and interest to IRS only because he doesn’t know his job and he is not responsible for his mistakes. So don’t waist your time and money with him.
Client Review of

Keri L. Morgan

Muskogee, OK

Mary Esther, FL
December 10, 2020

Keri Morgan and Carl Kelly are the worst scum of the earth sorry excuse for human being! Did our taxes with them in January, they are so ignorant and screwed up so badly the lady at IRS said she had never seen anything so pathetic in her 32 years of working with IRS. Not one sorry soul from Jackson Hewitt will even return our calls. The first return they prepared for us was around $1,000... after thinking about how that’s got to be incorrect, we went and had Jackson Hewitt do an amendment, we were actually factually supposed to get around $8,000... as a family of 7, 5 kids, we depend on this $$ for all year. It puts food on our table all year, brakes and tires on our vehicles, pays our emergency bills. Like when our 3 year old ended up in the hospital needing emergency surgery recently . We have relayed this information to everyone at Jackson Hewitt including sorry ass Carl kelly and shitty ass Keri Morgan. So if you want to be treated like insignificant dog shit. And have to wait a year for your taxes and get no response from any competent person , definitely go here. This place is a joke and judging from all the negative reviews these people will be looking for new jobs. There is no way the way they are doing people is legit. Read reviews people. Ask around. I know other people who are beyond pissed and disgusted with this shit show joke of a company. Run run run from this place. I’ve never in my life seen such horrible staff. You too Carl kelly. Shame on you alll. I pray one day you all end up in the situation you have put my family in. And probably everyone else whose taxes you have f***ked up. What a joke this place is!! They are the tax preparers for 2020 for sure. A shit year for a shit company. Merry Christmas you a holes. Think of my kids while yours are opening their Presents this year. They deserve no stars. Had to put one to leave comment ..