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Edith H. Nguyen

Denver, CO

Denver, CO
February 13, 2021

Edith Nguyen is an extremely incompetent tax accountant who has mad errors on every single year of my tax returns and when brought to her attention, she rudely refused to fix and amend it. In addition , she stated that she’s not open for discussion on her mistake and refused to make it right for me. When I hired a new CPA, that new CPA stated she made mistakes on every single year of my tax returns since I’ve been having Edith Nguyen at H & N services do my tax returns. Not only was she too arrogant to admit to her incompetent work, her demeanor was outright obnoxious and rude when brought to her attention . She refuses to reply to any questions and would put me at the end of her priority since I already paid her. She was too busy trying to make more $ and focusing on volume of clients rather than delivering quality and completed/correct tax returns with no errors. She would try to aim for number of clients than to pay attention to details on tax returns to benefit the clients . She extremely pushy at rushing clients’ tax returns just so she can gain her selfish financial gains to do volume rather than quality work. Her mistakes resulted in me having to pay more in taxes. This discount tax accountant was so incompetent that when another CPA who now services my tax returns brought up Edith’s mistakes, Edith don’t even offer to amend and make it right and in addition , no apologies from Edith as well for my time , head headache , and $ spent of paying to do her due diligence as a tax accountant over the past several years. Don’t waste your time and money paying such an incompetent tax account . You’d receive a more accurate tax return if you choose to hire someone else who is more qualified and competent! Trust me! Good luck !