The Worst Tax Preparer Reviews

Client Review of

Lourdes Orozco

Evans, CO

Fullerton, CA
October 31, 2020

My parents had their taxes prepared by Lourdes Orozco in 2017 and 2018. They are in their 80’s and had provided their Social Security information in 2017, as requested. They recently received a letter from the IRS regarding their 2018 taxes. They owed over $5,000 in taxes, plus fees, bringing the total over $7,000. There were four items missing from the 2018 tax forms, prepared and submitted by Lourdes Orozco. Two of those items were the Social Security payments for each of my parents. I don’t see how a PAID, professional tax preparer could submit taxes without that vital information for her clients in their 80’s, especially after submitting it the year prior. Lourdes had a phone number for my brother and my sister, along with the phone number for my parents. And yet, she submitted the taxes without the Social Security Income information for 2018. We contacted Lourdes and informed her of the IRS letter, dated 10-05-20, stating over $7,000 MORE was due for 2018. We provided Lourdes with all tax records for 2018 for her review, hoping she would provide some clarification and resolution. She was very lax in responding, and to this date has not tried to do anything to help resolve the matter. Lourdes failed to return any of our phone calls to discuss the matter and only responded with a few texts stating she would look at the records when she had time. Lourdes Orozco was responsible for not reporting Social Security Income for my elderly parents and did nothing to help resolve this issue with the IRS. The last text I received from Lourdes, stating that her lack of response was because she was studying to renew her license that was expiring in December 2020. Obviously, her priorities are on her license renewal for December, rather than to put any time or effort toward helping her paying clients to resolve their matter with the IRS by their November deadline, at which time, even MORE fees and interest would be added. My husband took it upon himself to go through all the paperwork and agreed with the IRS, so my parents paid the additional amount and fees. Lourdes’ unprofessional and incomplete Tax Preparing Services resulted in substantial IRS fees, penalties and interest for my elderly parents. Lourdes never contacted my parents at all, even after being made aware of this problem. Something I found on the internet: Q: If a tax preparer makes a mistake, who has to pay? A: Ordinarily the taxpayer will be responsible for any additional income tax, but the preparer can potentially be held liable for the additional penalties and interest. ... Most reputable preparers will cover the penalties and interest related to their own mistakes.Jun 18, 2019