College Planning & Financial Aid

1 Are my parents responsible for the Educational Loans I have taken out ? 2 Are my retirement accounts considered in the financial needs analysis FAFSA form? 3 Are my Work Study earnings taxable on my tax return ? 4 Are photocopies of the FAFSA form acceptable to file ? 5 Are there any shortcuts in the college application process? 6 Can a college PLUS Loan be discharged ? 7 Can I apply for the SAT or ACT on line ? 8 Can I deduct the amounts I pay for Law School ? 9 Can I submit my Financial Aid application before January 1st ? 10 Can I use my Roth IRA to pay for my daughter's college costs ? 11 College financial aid process - Stafford loan 12 Do I have to be admitted before I can apply for Financial Aid at a particular college ? 13 Do I have to reapply for Financial Aid every year ? 14 Do I have to report the outside scholarship I receive to the financial aid office ? 15 Do my parents have an opportunity to cancel their college PLUS Loan after they sign the promissory note ? 16 Do some colleges offer interest free monthly payment plans for the current year's tuition and room and board ? 17 How are the college TOEFL and TSE tests administered ? 18 How can your child improve his or her SAT test score ? 19 How do I apply for a Student Loan for my child ? 20 How do I apply to more than 4 colleges using the FAFSA form ? 21 How soon after January 1 should the FAFSA form be filed ? 22 I heard there is some advantage to owning EE or I bonds? 23 If I have transmitted my Renewal FAFSA over the Web , should I also send in my paper Renewal FAFSA ? 24 If I plan to participate in Division I or II Athletics what forms should I fill out while still in High School ? 25 If I probably do not qualify for aid , should I still apply for aid anyway ? 26 If I want to apply to more than one college , should I fill out another FAFSA form ? 27 In reference to Financial Aid , who qualifies as a Veteran ? 28 In relation to Student Loans , what is a Grace Period ? 29 In relation to the FAFSA form , how much aid am I eligble for ? 30 In the college application process , do I have to sign the Master Promissory Note each year ? 31 In the college application process , is the Master Promissory Note my loan application ? 32 In the college application process , what is a Master Promissory Note ? 33 In the college application process , what is Need-based and Merit-based Financial Aid ? 34 In the college application process , what is the Award Letter ? 35 In the college application process , what is the Expected Family Contribution ? 36 In the college application process , what is the FAF form ? 37 In the college application process , what is the FAFSA form ? 38 In the college application process , what is the Profile Report ? 39 In the college application process , what is the ROTC program ? 40 In the college application process, what are some examples of Essay Topics the student can expect to write about ? 41 In the college application process, what does Early Action mean? 42 In the college application process, what does Early Decision mean? 43 In the college application process, what does Regular Admission mean? 44 In the college application process, what does Rolling Admission mean? 45 In the college application process, what is a school's ( COA ) Cost of Attendance report ? 46 In the college financial aid process , what are College Work Study Programs ? 47 In the college financial aid process , what is a Federal Perkins loan ? 48 In the college financial aid process , what is a Federal PLUS loan ? 49 In the college financial aid process , what is a Grant ? 50 In the college financial aid process, what are Grants, Scholarships or Awards ? 51 In the FAFSA process , is electronic filing really faster ? 52 In the FAFSA process , what is a FAFSA transaction ? 53 In the FAFSA process , what is a PIN ? 54 In the FAFSA process , what is my Data Release Number ? 55 In the FAFSA process , What is the difference between an Electronic Access Code ( EAC ) and a PIN ? 56 In the FAFSA process , what is the difference between my PIN and my Data Release Number ( DRN ) ? 57 In the FAFSA process , what is the signature page ? 58 In the FAFSA process If I do not get my Student Aid Report ( SAR ) back within two weeks , should I reapply ? 59 Is Financial Aid available to families who are Home Schooling their children ? 60 Is the equity in my house considered an asset for the FAFSA form ? 61 Is the Selected Service registration related to Financial Aid ? 62 Is there a college tax savings strategy my grandparents can set up for me? 63 Is there a website for college crime statistics ? 64 My parents are divorced. Which parent is responsible for filling out the FAFSA form ? 65 Should I consolidate my various Student loans ? 66 Student Loan interest - maximum deduction and phase-out 67 What are Graduate Assistantships ? 68 What are prepaid college tuition plans ? 69 What are Renewable Scholarships ? 70 What are SAT II subject tests ? 71 What are some of the college websites on the web to generate lists of potential college selections? 72 What are some questions to ask Financial Aid officers ? 73 What are some web site addresses for finding prospective Financial Aid for college institutions ? 74 What are some website addresses for collecting information about colleges ? 75 What are some website addresses for filling out College Applications Online ? 76 What are some website addresses for Financial Aid Forms ? 77 What are some website addresses for On line Campus Tours ? 78 What are some website addresses for Scholarships ? 79 What are some websites for College Rankings ? 80 What are some websites for finding College Home pages ? 81 What are some websites for SAT and ACT Online access ? 82 What are Teaching assistantships ? 83 What are Title IV loans ? 84 What can parents do to help their children make decisions about colleges ? 85 What dates are the ACT tests given? 86 What dates are the PSAT ( Preliminary SAT ) given ? 87 What dates are the SAT I and the SAT II given ? 88 What do the code abbreviations on the Student Aid Report ( SAR ) mean ? 89 What is a Fellowship ? 90 What is a Financial Aid Transcript ( FAT ) ? 91 What is a Research Assistantship ? 92 What is a Section 2503(b) trust that can be set up to pay for my child's education ? 93 What is a State Tuition Section 529 plan ? 94 What is an educational investment retirement account ? 95 What is an Endowment ? 96 What is an Internship ? 97 What is the ACT test ? 98 What is the American Opportunity college tax credit ? 99 What is the cost of a college education from a Military Academy ? 100 What is the difference between a Renewal FAFSA and the FAFSA ? 101 What is the estimated cost of a college education? 102 What is the Federal Pell Grant ? 103 What is the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant ? 104 What is the interest rate on college PLUS Loans ? 105 What is the Lifetime Learning college tax credit ? 106 What is the NCAA ? 107 What is the post secondary PLAN test? 108 What is the PSAT test ? 109 What is the SAT test ? 110 What is the tax consequences of taking money out of my IRA and paying for my daughters college education ? 111 What should the parents and student consider when selecting a college ? 112 When can I submit my Free Application for Federal Student Aid using FAFSA on the Web ? 113 When do my parents begin repaying the college PLUS Loan ? 114 When must contributions to an Educational IRA be completed by ? 115 Why is the Family Contribution listed on the student aid report ( SAR ) different from the Family Contribution expected by the college ?

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