The Worst Tax Preparer Reviews

Client Review of

Patrick A. Rood

Westville, NJ

Philadelphia, PA
January 19, 2022

This is the second review I've written. Patrick Rood claimed himself to be an EA, but is a tax preparer. He lied about this and many other things: We hired Patrick Rood to handle 5 accounts -- My business, my sons, myself and my X-husband. We paid him to file our taxes, handle financial planning, bookkeeping, the PPP loan, advisement on healthcare, provide a tax plan -- and many more things he outlined in his contract. He lied and told us an EA (Enrolled Agent). When I wrote to the IRS to confirm a few weeks ago, I discovered he was not an EA. He acknowledged that he'd lied when he discovered I'd looked that up, and I have the recording. He is only designated as a Tax Preparer. A few of the many issues: • He did not file my business taxes • He filed my children's taxes (incorrectly) and never showed them to us - we never signed them • He filed my son's taxes incorrectly, using my name and my son's social security number, creating a new entity. I'm still working to resolve this. • He filed an extension for all 5 accounts of my taxes (without any reason) and still filed after the deadline. We are paying penalties on the taxes he did file. • My business account remains not filed • He filed my personal taxes incorrectly and did not report an account. I paid new accountants to file and received an 18,000 return • Due to this, I lost my healthcare coverage through the Marketplace. He filed too late, and incorrectly, and my children and I lost coverage because it showed an incorrect 4,000 total due to the Marketplace • He is not registered in PA (where he did my taxes) • He does not have three offices (or even one). He has a house. • He did not send out our 1099s • He did not do our bookkeeping and we are paying a new professional to clean up all books. We have logged records showing no activity. • He did not know anything about the PPP loan, and incorrectly submitted it until we did our now research and corrected it • He did not file my businesses out of state taxes causing massive problems with Mass • He did not send my employees 1099s • He lied about how much I paid him when I told him I wanted to stop working with him (he said that I paid for the months "after", not ahead). My new bookkeeper found the lie and gave me the correct totals. • He did not create a 2020 tax plan. • He examined my books when we first met and promised to save me 40-60K in taxes. • He acknowledged these things and told me he would refund us the 32,000 we spent with him, and never did. Patrick also lies about himself and his credentials, effortlessly. He claims to be a three time international best selling author, started a biochemistry program at EMU and many other things that are simply lies. This man needs to be investigated and stopped. Please contact me with questions. I'd also like to expose him for his public lies about all of his credentials, and the fraud that he his. No one should ever have to go through what I have gone through. PS. We are in the process of filing a law suit against him. We have mounds of evidence to showcase all the damage he has done.